Why is People’s Care different?

As a leading Inc. Magazine 5000 fastest growing private organizations in the U.S., People’s Care strives to continually hire enthusiastic individuals to keep our clients at the forefront of their lives. For over 18 years, our creative minds, forward thinking leadership, and quality care expertise allow us to continue creating new services that we can be proud of and invent new ways to serve our community.

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We are hiring all levels of experience to our ever growing team. At People’s Care, our people are “Changing Lives, Shaping the Future.”



  • At People’s Care, we take pride in providing a natural, comfortable, safe and nurturing environment for adults with developmental disabilities aged 18 to 59 through our specialized Residential Care programs. Our expert Direct Support Professionals take a team approach to developing an individualized support plan for each consumer we serve.

The support plan generally includes:

  • Supporting consumers to meet their Life Quality Outcomes defined in their Individual Program Plan
  • Supervising and providing support to the individual’s daily living needs
  • Providing daily access to meaningful social and recreational outings and activities through consumer choice
  • Maximizing each individual’s abilities and independence by teaching independent living skills such as cooking and shopping
  • Improving communication skills through speech and language therapy
  • Working closely with the entire circle of support to promote continuity of care

At People’s Care, we believe that building a trusting relationship with each individual that resides in our home is key to his or her success. We encourage and foster open communication with each individual’s social support. We also respect the cultural uniqueness of all individuals in our homes, encouraging each of them to maintain his or her cultural, family and/or religious heritage.



At People’s Care, our one-on-one Community Integration Training (CIT) Program can help individuals overcome barriers in the community that may be keeping them from living life to its fullest. We focus on each individual’s unique gifts, talents and specific desires to provide him or her with as many options as possible

Examples include:

  • Accessing community resources, such as public transportation, meal assistance programs, free counseling and health care services and more
  • Enrolling in adult education classes at local colleges, occupational centers or trade schools
  • Participating in after-school programs, health clubs, hobby-related organizations and more
  • Establishing and maintaining new friendships with people who share common interests
  • Participating in sports leagues, volunteer opportunities and group excursions such as shopping at local malls, going to museums or to the movies
  • Attending Regional Center meetings to gain valuable knowledge about his or her rights

CIT offers services for youths (ages 5-12), teenagers (ages 13-17) and adults (ages 18-70) with mild to moderate challenges. Since CIT is a community integration training program, it offers a high degree of flexibility. In other words, CIT services are tailored to fit the individual’s needs instead of forcing him or her to conform to a program.

The primary goal of the People’s Care Supported Living Services (SLS) and the People’s Care Independent Living Skills (ILS) training program is to provide the support an individual needs to become as self-sufficient as possible. This support is completely customized to take into account the person’s needs and wants, and often include helping him or her:

  • Define his or her own hopes and dreams
  • Take control of his or her own life
  • Choose where and how he or she wants to live
  • Build relationships with others in the community and expand his or her circle of support
  • Understand his or her rights and responsibilities
  • Access medical and specialized health care
  • Perform the activities he or she is capable of doing
  • Learn how to use any adaptive technology equipment

Our People’s Care Independent Living Skills Training Program goes one step further by helping individuals master the skills they are capable of mastering in order to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. The training and rehabilitation services are completely customized to take into account each person’s unique needs and wants, and may include:

  • Assistance in locating and evaluating available independent housing
  • Sessions on maintaining the household, managing finances and building relationships
  • Support in looking for avenues for activities and social interaction
  • Counseling on development of personal security, dignity and self respect
  • Family life training, such as birth control, personal safety and boundaries
  • Developing parenting skills, including nutrition, discipline and positive role modeling

At People’s Care, we work in partnership with a person’s entire circle of support to ensure consistency in the services provided. People’s Care Independent Living Skills (ILS) training programs and Supported Living Services (SLS) are available 24 hours a day, on an on-call basis, and include rapid response services for emergency situations. Through ILS and SLS, an individual can achieve a high degree of independence and take pride in becoming a more productive member of the community.



At People’s Care, we provide one-on-one Personal Assistance Services that can delay or even eliminate the need to place an individual in restricted living environments such as a community care facility or State Developmental Center. Services are provided both in the home and in the community, and focus on optimizing the person’s independence and/or diminishing challenging behaviors

For children (5 to 17 years old) and adults (18 to 70 years old) with developmental disabilities, People’s Care 1:1 Personal Assistance Services include:

  • Conducting an initial evaluation to determine the best approach and most appropriate goals for the individual
  • Implementing behavior intervention techniques to help the individual reduce challenging behaviors and increase socially significant behaviors
  • Helping the individual overcome barriers both at home and within the community
  • Supporting the individual in everyday living situations and keeping him or her focused on positive life experiences
  • Helping to find appropriate community activities, after-school or summer programs, adult school or learning centers for the individual to acquire new skills
  • Assisting the individual as needed to help him or her fully participate in community activities, after-school or summer programs, adult school or learning centers
  • Helping the individual develop his or her own self-management skills to thrive both at home and in the community

At People’s Care, we know that selecting the most suitable support staff to address an individual’s specific needs leads to the most effective results. We also know that matching the caregiver’s cultural background to that of the individual will help him or her feel most comfortable. In the end, People’s Care can provide the peace of mind that comes from seeing a loved one gaining the skills he or she needs for a happier, more productive life.



People’s Care is an advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities and learning disorders. We provide support services and programs that empower these individuals to find their place in the community as functioning and contributing members. We all have a role in the building of a better society and every one of us is entitled to the opportunity of fulfilling such roles – despite our disabilities and health circumstances.

For years, there have been cultural barriers that restrict the full potential of our disabled community. These barriers are unfortunately already established in the accustomed lifestyles we know today. However, with Supported Living, we aim to wipe away those limits but instead, we will educate, train and guide individuals with developmental disabilities to maintain their own living environment, find sustainable employment and live peaceful, happy lives amongst other residents.

Services Provided

Residential Support – We help individuals with intellectual and learning disabilities to find suitable living environments and exercise their fullest independence with day to day activities.

Day Services – Our programs open up learning opportunities for further skills that could potentially become a means of living or basic trade. We provide day services in group class settings and preparatory vocational / on-site training.

Transportation – We assist program participants in finding appropriate transportation means so they may pursue schooling or employment. We also ensure that they are able to safely travel from their home to local destinations around the community.



At People’s Care, we provide Site-Based Behavior Management Day Programs and Community-Based Behavior Management Day Programs for individuals who have severe behavioral challenges that impede their ability to function successfully within a home or community environment. Our behavior analysts are expertly trained professionals who have innovative ways of targeting behavior patterns to help individuals reduce challenging behaviors and develop their own self-management skills

  • At People’s Care, we take a team approach to developing an individualized treatment plan that:
    • Identifies challenging behaviors and the function for each behavior
    • Reduces challenging behaviors and increases socially significant behaviors
    • Empowers individuals to advocate for themselves
    • Documents each individual’s progress every step of the way
    • Adjusts as the individual develops new, more positive skills
    • Involves the person’s circle of support to promote continuity of care

    Our People’s Care Community-Based Day Programs go one step further by:

    Helping individuals become more independent by gradually introducing a less restrictive environment

    Giving individuals opportunities to develop socially significant behaviors within community environments

    Tailoring consumer’s environment so that each individual has opportunities to learn valuable skills and develop socially significant behaviors

    While intensive supervision and professional intervention may be key to an individual’s success, we believe that social support from family and/or friends is equally important. We encourage open communication with everyone in the consumer’s circle of support as we work together to increase the individual’s ability to achieve greater independence.



People’s Care Autism Services offers ABA therapy for children diagnosed with autism and related disorders. Our Autism Services program offers Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), 1:1 therapy in the child’s home and school, parent training and social skills groups. Our autism treatment program is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and focuses on positive practices, increasing functionally equivalent replacement behaviors and decreasing interfering behaviors so that each child can reach their full potential.

We believe that generalization of skills is key to the success of treatment and therefore place significance on generalization from the beginning of treatment. We also place a strong emphasis on parent and family involvement throughout the child’s treatment program.

All of our services directly supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. We have offices located in Alhambra, Chino Hills, Victorville and Temecula and serve families throughout the greater Los Angeles area and the Inland Empire.

For more information, please visit www.PeoplesCareAutism.com.