People’s Care really makes an effort to listen to clients’ needs and wants. They make sure that the client is always first. I am so grateful for their help.”

– Andy Charng

“My son, Mark, required a one-on-one caregiver to help him overcome agoraphobia. The People’s Care caregivers were patient, caring and skillful, and Mark again became comfortable integrating into the community.”

- Mark R.

People’s Care supported living department has helped me a lot with teaching me how to live independently. They also support me in filling my dream of getting my G.E.D. and going to college.”

– Roger Vargas

“Our son has had less behavioral outbursts since the kind and patient People’s Care staff started working with him. They teach him different ways to communicate his needs and are an absolute blessing.”

– Rob W.

“The People’s Care caregiver took the extra effort to teach my daughter how to change into pajamas and assisted her with self-feeding. Her unselfish and diligent care of my daughter is a true blessing.”

– Lisa L.

“My Son Santiago Magana currently receives ABA therapy from People’s Care for nearly a year. I wanted acknowledge the amount of gratitude and admiration that I have for the amazing young ladies that have been providing their support for Santiago, especially for Caroline Martinez, his assigned Supervisor. Caroline has always been very supportive in this past year whenever I had any questions, concerns, and has truly exceeded my expectations in her dedication towards my son’s on going needs. Caroline has proven to me that she is willing to go above and beyond to take care of her students, and the families involved. Whether it is to help my son out in early mornings to prepare him for school, guiding each one of us on how to overcome daily obstacles and working out last minute schedule conflicts to help serve our family’s needs. I feel confident that Caroline will ensure that Santiago has the best outcome in every situation. These small collaborative efforts may seem small but they have made the world of difference in our lives and she deserves to be acknowledged and recognized as an asset to your organization. On behalf of Santiago, myself and my family, I want to express how pleased I am that we chose People’s Care and that we have had the pleasure of working with Caroline Martinez.”


- Jennifer Perez